Enterprise Security & Information Assurance

Cyber security has never been so prevalent as it is today. Recent stats show that 60% of businesses are forced to suspend operations after a cyber-attack. Enterprise of all sizes are ramping up the security for all their digital assets to protect their IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

How Do We Help Our Customers With Cyber Security?
  • Intelligence Systems, over time, has supported implementing robust cybersecurity capabilities
  • We possess deep expertise in a data breach, phishing, and ransomware detections and preventions
  • A methodical approach and meticulous planning are adopted to keep our customers business safe
  • Internal and external vulnerabilities are analyzed threadbare
  • We create a comprehensive audit of internal and external vulnerabilities, monitor and analyze
  • Our proactive strategy of threat detection, prevention and response, and continuous monitoring keeps our customers’ business safe
How Does It Benefit Our Customers?
  • We help with the protection of networks and data from unauthorized access enabling data security
  • Business continuity with no downtime ensures all processes running smoothly enhances productivity
  • Strong and robust security protocols in place enhanced the organization’s credibility in the market
  • Enhances reputation and corporate governance
  • Significantly reduced operational costs risk fueling growth